Food & Beverages

DES offers a wealth of onsite experience with process piping projects, equipment testing, and system start-ups. From CIP and process skids to valve manifolds and utility stations, we can provide everything you need to complete your process system.

Services include:

    • Sanitary Welded Stainless Tubing
    • Industrial and Utility Piping
    • Stainless Steel Schedule Pipe Welding
    • Jacketed Piping Install
    • Modification of Existing Process Lines
    • Fabrication and Installation of New Process Systems
    • Automatic Orbital Welding
    • Platforms, and Walkways
    • Video Borescope Weld Inspection
    • Weld Mapping and Logging
    • Silo and Tank Inspection and Repair
    • Rigging
    • CIP Systems
    • Process Skids
    • Construction project management, construction management services